A post in English!

Most days I share in Swedish, both in IG and Facebookposts, as well as in these blog-posts. Tonight I feel a calling to share in English, since I've noticed that more and more people from abroad Sweden are now following my work.

Let me start by saying Welcome - I am so happy that you are all here and so curious to know more about you! Please let me know in the comments below, where you're from and please also if we met in any of my journeys!

Tonight I'll start by just sharing a short one about Akka Meditation and what this (she) is! Please let me know if you have any questions or themes you would like me to share more about.

So - what is Akka Meditation?

Akka Meditation is built on love and creativity. It is my company since september 2017, where I offer guided meditations, energywork, crystal healing and counselling - private sessions, ceremonies and circles, as well as retreats.

Áhkká in the sámi mythology, is the name of the Mother Goddess! She is also a mountain in the North of Sweden. For those of you who understand Swedish I recently shared about her and why Akka became the name of my company - apart from loving the energy in that mountain and creating in close contact with Mother Earth.

Every event I create and every private session I give, is based on intuition. I rarely plan the work we will get into - more than of course keep