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Welcome to Akka Meditation - this is a place for you to relax and deepen into your innate being. This is a place for you to come home to.


Have you ever experienced complete bliss and joy of being you, remembering your souls source and gifts?

And h
ave you ever visited this magical island, Gotland? It is located 3 hours by ferry from the Swedish mainland (or 30-40 min by flight from Stockholm).

I welcome you to Swedish retreats - in group (I call them circles) or private sessions/private retreats. This is an exclusive experience for people from all over the world to enjoy both travelling the world - and your inner Universe.

My name is Tove Eloa Öberg and I am a priestess, crystalhealer aswell as a socialworker with a degree from the University of Gothenburg, in the west of Sweden. I studied for Dauri Neumann. in Alsace, France, to deepen my memories and gifts as a priestess and healer from the tims of Atlantis and Lemuria. As a socialworker I have many years of experience from working with mental health, existential matters and management. Still I find, that life energy and the holisitic approach to life - and the soul - is what truly makes life - life!

I offer private sessions, groups (circles) and retreats here on Gotland - in my home, in nature or in carefully chosen spots for retreats.

Creativity is an essential part of what I do - to work through your possible patterns of not-being-good-enough-to-create-or-express-myself. That includes movement, voice and sound, writing and painting.


For Instagram: please follow @SwedishRetreats for English updates.
For more frequent updates, the Swedish account is @akkameditation


Please - feel free and very welcome to contact me for booking or any question!

Love, freedom and peace to all.

Tove Eloa

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